Welcome to Ascona

Switzerland’s Mediterranean Jewel

A gem overlooking Lake Maggiore, surrounded by stunning mountains and with a unique atmosphere.

Ascona is known for its beauty and has lots of personality: it’s just the right size to be explored on foot, taking in the charming side streets and alleyways which are dotted with shops and boutiques, cafes and restaurants. The lakefront promenade is picture-perfect, with its brightly coloured houses set against the idyllic backdrop of the lake. Lovers of watersports can enjoy them through the long summer months, whilst those who favour walking and cycling can take advantage of the many panoramic routes around the town. Regional gastronomy is widely available in and around Ascona, with a great variety of dining options ranging from gourmet eateries to traditional grottos, as well as the chance for visitors to sample local wines and specialities created by the artisans of our territory.


Ascona Wine Experience 2022

I’m particularly pleased that these six Merlots have been selected for a limited edition case, which is not only a great gift idea but allows a first hand experience of the unique character of each wine. Chandra Kurt


Ascona cycling jersey

A training jersey with racing pedigree, refined with breathable textiles, frictionless raw-cut sleeves, and a streamlined, regularFit.


Special places

With its diversified landscape and activities, Ticino is a holiday destination for summer as well as for winter.





Ticino is not only  sports, excursions, and gastronomy, but also music and entertainment.

Why Ascona

Marco Solari

“In a magic triangle is where I would place Ascona: luxuriating between the cafes of the old Borgo, the Brissago Islands and the heights of Monte Verità, where the spirit of Mitteleuropa lives on”.

Katrin Simioni

“I adore the unique combination of Ascona”s splendidly preserved old town – the Borgo – and the gorgeous lakefront.”



Some personalities tell us about Ascona.


Ascona Magazine



Top place

With its diversified landscape and activities, Ticino is a holiday destination for summer as well as for winter.

Top 10 attraction

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