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Contrada Maggiore |  6612 Ascona  |  +41 91 791 38 58  |

Balù Donna, Balù WM and Balù Glam. Three shops a stone’s throw from each other, containing three worlds that range from the rediscovery of classic, yet always innovative designs to the search for true stylistic flair. But there is one trait that all three share, and that is originality. For thirty years, whatever the season, we have presented an innovative selection of clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. Our love of fashion and excellence allows us to offer dreams and poetry in fabric form, including some unique, one-off garments.


Via Borgo 36 |  6612 Ascona  |  +41 91 791 35 36 |

Borgonovo is a prestigious shop born from the passion and dedication to fashion. With a distinct sophistication and a brilliant taste, it offers you a selection of the best brands. In a modern environment, it is always up with the latest trends.

Boutique Pancaldi

Via Borgo 24  |  6612 Ascona  |  +41 91 791 13 11 

The story of our clothing and accessories boutique goes beyond a mere history spanning fifty years. The maxims that have distinguished us for over the last half century remain the same: a forward-thinking mindset, an innate sense of originality and a nose for creating strongly individual looks. Loyal clients come back again and again for that special empathetic touch, personified in our three ladies – Adriana Pancaldi, Isabella and Erica – who dedicate themselves to meeting their client’s each and every request with genuine interest, so much so that for many clients they have become valued confidantes and advisors.

Il Cigno Moda

Via Borgo 55  |  6612 Ascona  |  +41 91 791 17 25 

Charly Zenger

Via Borgo 40  |  6612 Ascona  |  +41 91 791 30 16  |  

Since 1944, Charly Zenger’s story has been one of excellence and tradition, an expression of the most refined art of jewellery and watch-making. Diamonds and precious stones of exceptional beauty are selected, matched and cut in our Gemological Centre: they are turned into timeless jewels of unique design, icons of luxurious elegance that shine with an intensity of colour and brilliance which is peerless. In our new boutiques in Ascona in Via Borgo, craftsmen work with the greatest skill and passion, paying attention to every detail and creating personalized designs to satisfy the client’s wishes.

Lifestyle manwoman

Via Borgo 38  |  6612 Ascona  |  +41 91 791 84 44  |

Over the past twenty years, the Rüegsegger Family has developed its own philosophy – whose central theme is uniqueness – by paying meticulous attention to detail and sourcing the very best amongst international fashion brands. Each of us has our own distinct personality, along with our culture, personal interests and hobbies that go to define the context in which we choose to live but above all we each have our unique sparkle. The shopping experience with LifeStyle encompasses all those elements within a friendly ambiance, while the knowledge and expertise shared by Francis and Marcel will make for some extra special moments.

Orologi Gioielli Herschmann

Piazza G. Motta/Lungolago  |  6612 Ascona |  +41 91 791 23 12  |

Welcome to the place where Haute Horlogerie meets the passion of generations, surrounded by the breathtaking sights of the Swiss landscape. Your trusted specialist for fine jewellery and rare masterpieces from Patek Philippe, Parmigiani, Panerai and more. We look forward to your visit. Ascona holds the reputation of being one of the most beautiful retreats in Switzerland.


Lungolago Motta Ascona  | 091 791 82 02 |