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Borgo di Ascona

Ascona is refined, picturesque, elegant and romantic. The historic centre’s pedestrian alleys are swarmed with boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and antique stores. The lakeside promenade, recalling a fishermen’s village of the past, is today a holiday paradise for those in the pursuit of a “joie de vivre”.


Ascona Museum of Modern Art

The Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna di Ascona (Modern Art Museum of Ascona) exhibits works from those avant-garde artists who, fleeing from the horrors of World War I in Northern Europe, found refuge in the Locarno region, on the shores of Lake Maggiore. The region was known for the reputation of the Monte Verità (literally “Hill of Truth”)…


Brissago Islands

The Brissago Islands are one of Ticino’s most magical places – a small subtropical paradise on Lake Maggiore that is easily accessible by boat. Thanks to their location, the islands benefit from a particularly mild climate that has facilitated the growth of unique vegetation. Recalling enchanted atmospheres


Monte Verità

This hill in Ascona boasts a storied past that began at the turn of the 20th Century when the Monte Verità (Hill of Truth) became the heart of a movement dedicated to spiritual search and life renewal, which involved intellectuals, academics and artists coming mainly from Northern Europe. For two decades, the hill was infused with this spirit of utopia. Many traces remain as testimonials of that era…



Who says golf is only for the privileged few? In Ascona, our lush greens and meticulously designed fairways are open to everyone, from beginner to tomorrow’s champion.

Whether to tee off or practice your swing, there are two 18 hole courses to choose from. Since 1928, the Club Patriziale has been opening its doors to many famous sportsmen, intellectuals, politicians and globetrotters all wishing to improve their game. 



Beyond the crest of the Gridone, where a mountain that from 200 metres above sea level at Lake Maggiore, rises to 2.188 metres, there lies a fascinating land: the Centovalli.

Here the uncontaminated beauty of nature is in harmonious balance with the anthropic landscape that countless generations of farmers, breeders, and craftsmen have built over the centuries.