The Ease of Being 

… or the “lightness of being”. This feeling that can barely be put into words. A feeling that is far from the speed of everyday life and in which the heaviness escapes. 

A feeling that we can allow ourselves again and again. 

It is easier than we think. And Ascona makes it easy for us; the small town is colourful and radiates southern joie de vivre. But Ascona is also blessed with a large range of versatile and exceptional wellness and spa facilities.

They are feel-good oases and places of power, where relaxation, recreation, the balance between body, mind and soul as well as beauty and regeneration are in focus. Therein, day-to-day life shortly loses its shimmer of grey. They are places that enliven our wellness and health. Places where you can pause and treat yourself to a day in which your own sensitivities stand at the centre of attention. Here time goes more slowly, it does not serve the purpose of doing something for others, but to be with oneself and to be pampered.

The state of “ease of being” resembles a love relationship. Not to another person, but to oneself. I am affectionate to myself and equally coddled, cared for, cherished and touched by people who love their profession and want to give me something, because this lies in the nature of the matter. The Oases of Ascona bear witness to a unique and unmistakable identity. The guest finds a Kneipp path to stimulate the circulation, designed in the colours and with stones from the Maggia, as well as a cosmetic line of natural products from Ticino for effective care. Wellness facilities of character promise natural and profound relaxation in massage and feel-good spaces, water facilities and gardens. The oases allow guests to immerse themselves in a sensual world of scents and vapours, of aesthetics and purity. Inner beauty merges with the outer.

Ascona wishes its guests that they carry the “lightness of being” into their daily lives and that this feeling of weightlessness has a lasting effect. And of course the longing for this feeling should always lead them back to the picturesque little town on Lake Maggiore, that lives the “lightness of being” in all its facets: in the colours of the houses, the scent of the motley flowers, the rushing of the water – in the dolcefarniente of the south. 

Castello del Sole Beach Resort & Spa

Via Muraccio 142  |  6612 Ascona  |  +41 91 791 02 02  | 

Relax and unwind…reinvigorate your senses.

You can discover Castello Del Sole’s unique Spa and Beauty centre right on the shores of lake Maggiore. With some 2500 square metres of dedicated wellness space set into over 100 hectares of lush vegetation and its own private beach, you’ll feel special from the start. At the heart of the Spa’s philosophy is the desire to create an intensely personal and holistic experience; whether it be an invigorating massage or a leisurely facial, you will be sure to leave feeling rebalanced and re-energised.

Chiva Sun Holistic Healing Center & Spa

Via Storta 74  |  6645 Brione sopra Minusio  |  +41 91 744 62 72  |  

Chiva Sun’s philosophy is simple: we help nurture the mind, body and soul with treatments, classes and courses in mindfulness and body enhancing exercise, along with tailor made advice on how to achieve your individual goals. At Chiva Sun, Intelligent Training is very much part of our approach and we offer Energy Balancing and Healing, Yoga, Pilates and Garuda alongside massage and a range of targeted facial and body treatments. The Centre also runs workshops and retreats on a variety of topics.


Hotel Eden Roc Spa

Via Albarelle 16  |  6612 Ascona  |  +41 91 785 71 17  |

A veritable oasis of calm and serenity, Eden Roc Spa is set in an exquisite and fragrant landscape, steps away from the mesmerising blue and grey hues of Lake Maggiore. There, you can relax in the Spa’s indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as in the hydrotherapy pool; the Spa also offers circulation-friendly Kneipp therapies using stones from the crystal-clear waters of the nearby Maggia river.

Guests can choose from a range of bespoke services for face, body and mind in the care of our knowledgeable and experienced therapists, all in the privacy of the seven luxurious treatment rooms. Further information about the Eden Roc Spa and its offers are available at

Hotel Giardino dipiù Spa

Via del Segnale 10  |  6612 Ascona  |  +41 91 785 88 10  |

“dipiù” “More” – this means the Italian word “di più”, inspired by the nature of Ticino, the cosmetics line and the Signature Treatments were developed for Giardino Hotels. The holistic approach in the dipiù Spas, uses among others the oldest medicine in the world, Ayurveda, and combines it with regional knowledge and ingredients. The hotel or day guest is advised according to his basic needs and supervised. After the anamnesis, a sports and exercise therapy, as well as a personal nutritional program is put together. In cooking courses the secrets of modern Ayurvedic cuisine of the Hide & Seek restaurant are revealed. Because you “ARE” what you eat! 

Details of the dipiù offers and the dipiù cosmetics are available at