Interview with Paul Falke

We talk to Paul Falke Thoroughbred entrepreneur and bon viveur responsible for making ladies’ legs look so attractive…

Paul, how and why did you come to Lake Maggiore with your family?

In 1950 my father and his younger sister brought my grandfather to Locarno to visit a doctor who at the time was very celebrated. But the doctor was unable to help my grandfather who died in 1951. However, that visit to Lake Maggiore laid the foundation stone for our family’s continuing love for this picturesque region.


What do you find so attractive about Ascona?

The scenery – a combination of high mountains and the lake – is wonderful and constantly fascinates me anew.


What sort of projects would you like to see in Ascona?

Ascona has still not made it clear whether it aspires to be a premium / luxury brand and destination. And a strategy of being “everybody’s darling” simply won’t work in the long run. Specifically, I’d like to see a pretty harbour by the Piazza which would be an inviting venue to spend enjoyable leisure time. I’d also like to see a ban on allowing any more of the ugly concrete tower blocks / apartment blocks that are blighting the appearance of Ascona (Bravo Brissago…). A bit more night life, combined with the necessary tolerance, would certainly not damage Ascona as a tourist destination.


How do you spend your leisure time in Ascona?

I most enjoy being on or beside the water.


What is your favourite dish and what wine would you recommend to go with it?

“Lasagne al Pesto”, and to go with it a “Guado al Tasso” by Antinori.


A Ticino grotto or fine dining?

Each one has its merits; however, I would tend to favour the relaxed atmosphere of a Grotto.


What will Ascona look like in ten years’ time?

I hope that Ascona will continue to be an attractive and unique location for the next generation.