Love at first sight

Holiday sensations

How often does that prefect holiday lead you to think about settling in a place or maybe buying a weekend getaway? 

With its breathtaking landscapes – now a riot of Mediterranean colours and smells, now with dramatic sweeping valleys close by – Ascona can do just that. Its history is a rich and varied tapestry, with subtle injections of a more cosmopolitan, cool vibe. Waking up to sunny mornings on the lake reflecting the brightly coloured facades of the lakefront hotels, restaurants and shops is pure pleasure. Whether your day holds a round of golf in a lush parkland setting, a stroll around the cobbled streets of the romantic Borgo or a coffee at the Porto Patriziale, the local marina which is home to many luxury boats, everything is at hand. For a uniquely spiritual experience, pay a visit to Monte Verità, once a mecca for international poets, Nobel Prize writers, philosophers and artists at the turn of the last century. Lavishly coated in Mediterranean plants and palm trees, it offers wonderful views of the Borgo and out over the lake. How not to love the serenity and vitality which are so unique to Ascona?