La dolce vita

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Cheerful young women walking together with glass of wine. Stylish female friends enjoying themselves outdoors.

Ascona Shopping 7/7 

Smart travellers globally are known for searching out the best wherever they choose to shop, open to new discoveries and trends that will enhance their style. 


Culinary Stars in Ascona

Rolf Fliegauf, Mattias Roock and Marco Campanella, three of best chefs of Swiss gastronomy cooking in Ascona, enrich Ticino with four Michelin stars, offering unique culinary experiences.


Ticino wine: it’s many faces

“God made only water but man made wine” so wrote French poet Victor Hugo over one hundred years ago. Today his words resonate as winemaking becomes increasingly human-led rather than a natural process.


The Ease of Being 

… or the “lightness of being”. This feeling that can barely be put into words. A feeling that is far from the speed of everyday life and in which the heaviness escapes. 

A feeling that we can allow ourselves again and again…