Ascona Shopping 7/7 

Something special every day

Smart travellers globally are known for searching out the best wherever they choose to shop, open to new discoveries and trends that will enhance their style. 

In Ascona’s Borgo, luxury brands sit alongside edgy, upbeat collections, all skillfully curated by local shop owners whose families may have been running such businesses for generations. A far cry from the one-size-fits-all approach of the high street, Ascona welcomes savvy city dwellers wishing to get away for the weekend or a take a luxury break with friendly and knowledgeable advice, maybe over a coffee or Aperol, on anything from the finest cashmere pieces to made-to-measure outfits for that special party, beach retreat or chic weekend in the country!

The finest Swiss watches and jewellery are there to tempt you, as are the latest sunglasses and niche accessories on display in Ascona’s many boutiques. And if boats are your thing, look no further – there are plenty to choose from to discover the delights of the lake! 

With 7/7 opening hours, visits to this picturesque lakeside gem couldn’t be easier. Alongside the great shopping and friendly, professional ambience, Ascona’s climate encourages the al fresco life in its enticing bars and eateries on the lakefront and in the winding cobbled streets of the Borgo. You’ll be sure to take back great memories of the place and want to come back for more of that very special Ascona welcome!