Ascona Emotions and Colors

Two different points of view 

At dawn a hatch opens onto the deck of a sailboat. The light from the sun’s first rays and the clean, cool air lift his spirits. His first thought is the same every morning as he ponders the waters of the lake, his Lake Maggiore: “Blue is the colour of peace”. 

This man has a busy, successful life but every evening he savours his return to sleep below deck, where he feels safe and strong surrounded by water and mountains. A kind of primordial condition.

Some hours later, a young couple throw open wide the shutters of their hotel room looking over the sparkling lake and the locals going about their lives. They feel positive and energised. “What shall we do today?” is their opening line to each other over their leisurely breakfast. The possibilities are endless ”Polo anyone? Sailing? Horseriding?”, he suggests playfully. She quips “ So active? I was thinking of exploring an art gallery or two and maybe sipping a delicious cocktail here in town later on”.

Those who are lucky enough to live in Ascona are used to having an array of options available to them in a heartbeat. A morning of watersports, a delicious locally-sourced lunch, a stroll in the cobbled streets and squares of the Borgo with its pastel-coloured architecture or enjoying the soft, sandy beaches and dipping your toes in the cool, clear lake. Nature is ever present in these parts, no more so than up at the exotic Monte Verita or across the water at the splendid gardens of the Brissago Islands. It’s no wonder that many cultural icons from all over the world – as well as people like you and me – came to find inspiration in this stimulating microclimate.

Ascona’s location makes it easily accessible by air and public or private transport. It’s quiet yet inspirational, fun yet relaxing, with more than a touch of luxury. The town enjoys a lively jazz scene, with a festival dating back several decades, as well as performing street art and international classical music and cinematic events. Here, art lives in the heart of nature and vice versa. Last but not least are many enticing beaches with activities for all the family and a plethora of restaurants and bars serving local specialities. For the man on his boat as he contemplates the lake, the colour of peace really is blue.

Come and discover it for yourselves.