A taste of sunshine

The tropical side of Switzerland

There are few places where outdoor activities are available year-round – Ticino is one of them. Known as the “Sonnenstube”, or sunshine capital, of Switzerland, Ascona draws visitors from spring to early autumn to bathe in Lake Maggiore or to venture up for a mountain hike in shorts, when at a mere 200 km away, it’s still freezing!

In an average year, Ascona has 2,155 hours of sunshine, compared with 1,482 in Zurich and 1,618 in Turin, Italy. This exceptionally mild climate is responsible for an array of exotic trees and exquisite flowers that flourish alongside the more usual subalpine flora. Temperatures in spring can be as high as 25C, encouraging that early suntan which will carry you through the summer. Even in September, with temperatures often reaching 22C, you can still enjoy an al fresco drink. Forget a sub-zero existence and come for a swim in our thermal waters.

In Ascona, warmth is a state of mind.